Yoga Class Schedules

 Winter Classes start January 6, 2018

Winter Classes start January 6, 2018

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Fall Classes 2017

Good News! Free classes before Fall schedule: Tues 8/22 5:30 pm w/Ron. Wed 8/23 9:00 am w/ Laura. Thurs 8/24 6:30 pm Ashtanga w/Ron AT BUHL PARK. Tues 8/29 8:30 am w/ Abbey. Thurs 8/31 6:30 pm Ashtanga w/Dan AT BUHL PARK. Sat 9/2 8:30 am Flow with Abbey and 10:30 am Ballet w/Abbey.

  • New Students try any class free or Unlimited 1 week $25
  • Yoga:   Drop in:       $13.

                10 classes    $100.
                20 classes   $150  -if the second class/week is a ropes class: add $5./class
                Unlimited     $185. -add a ropes class: $5./class...$50/quarter

  •  Ropes:  1 class        $15.
                10 classes    $130.

     Ropes for back issues:  scheduled privately, 1 to 3 people/class:  5 weeks for $125.

  • Create/Produce/Perform.... $150. /quarter

    Family yoga w/Dan....For all kids ages 3 and 10. The 3 to 6 year olds MUST be                accompanied by a parent.... The 6 to 10 year olds may take class by themselves.           All Parents practice free of charge!

Class descriptions:

Foundations  Suitable for beginners or students that want to review the basics of yogic breathing, alignment, core integration and balance. Perfect to get back in shape or recover your movement.

Yoga 2.5 w/Abbey - Inversion class for the Intermediate to Advanced student. Will accommodate both those new to inversions (students must be at an intermediate level) and the advanced student.

Yoga 3 w/Abbey - Back bending.  Learn the techniques that make back bending safe and attainable. We'll utilize postures and exercises to increase awareness and strength needed to accomplish these challenging posture.

Yinyasa Flow - Original Posture Flows designed by instructor linked by breath and awareness. The class is lead with no instruction. Power Vinyasa Flow is more challenging. Practice at your own risk.

Progressive Ashtanga w/Ron - We'll work the asanas in the Primary or Secondary Ashtanga Series.  Appropriate for those who are athletes, dancers and or have practiced the Primary Series before, with accommodations for all ability levels. Mysore Style is not led, but a teacher is present to assist and help students as they learn the series.

Parents & Kids Yoga Ages 5-11 yrs w/ Dan  Ashtanga for Young People! Is your child looking for a wonderful form of exercise that teaches self control, focus and independence, while developing the body and preventing injuries? Ashtanga is a traditional and popular form of Hatha Yoga that helps the body become strong and flexible, while teaching proper body alignment, grace, breathing technique, and concentration. Beginning your Ashtanga practice at a young age can help a person develop with a sense of independence, balance, control and endurance. The benefits of Ashtanga often overflow into other areas of life as the body begins to operate more efficiently, and with less stress. It is not uncommon for Yogis to report progress in all areas of life and many believe Yoga is helpful to prevent injuries. The practice of Yoga serves both as a lifelong personal practice as well as an opportunity to surround yourself in a friendly, encouraging environment of group study. A dedicated Ashtanga practice will diffuse nervous energy with invigorating, energetic movement, breath control, fun challenging poses and concentration, lots and lots of concentration! Come join us!

Tim's Yoga and for Joint and Arthritis issues (Chair Yoga):  This class is directed primarily to people who have strength or other physical issues and prefer a slower pace and more support for poses.  There will be no mat or floor work in the sessions.  Practice will be progressive and tailored to the individual needs and capabilities of people in the class.  Sessions will be varied with particular attention given to developing strength, flexibility and balance. Questions will be answered at registration or before class.  Or you can call Tim at 724-866-4127.  If there is no answer, please leave your phone number and a message, and you will receive a call back.

Yoga I w/ Lori C.  A beginner's class: Discover a way to reduce stress, enhance well-being and support a life of balance.   The class will first begin by slowly awakening the body by aligning movement with our breath.   Second, we will tone up and build strength.  Last we will unwind with cooling, restorative poses to prepare for deep relaxation.   Come and explore yoga’s mind/body/breath connection in a supportive class environment.  Everyone is welcome!