Yoga Class Schedules

Sing Bowls have a $20/$25 Guest fee. “Christmas Present” is $50-fully refundable if you take all the classes!

Drop-In $15
~ for a 10-week session ~
1 Class per week (or 10 classes) $100
2 Classes per week (or 20 classes) $160
Unlimited Classes per week $200
Ropes Class drop in $25 or 10 Ropes Classes for $125

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  • New Students try any class free or Unlimited 1 week $25

  • Yoga: Drop in: $13.

                10 classes    $100.
                20 classes   $150  -if the second class/week is a ropes class: add $5./class

  • Class descriptions:

Foundations  Suitable for beginners or students that want to review the basics of yogic breathing, alignment, core integration and balance. Perfect to get back in shape or recover your movement.

Therapeutic Movement  This class is a combination of meditative breathing techniques, restorative postures that make liberal use of props and supports and gentle movement sequences based on circular motion that will promote joint health and range of motion.  Suitable for everyone from beginners to experienced practitioners.

Yoga 2.5 w/Abbey - Inversion class for the Intermediate to Advanced student. Will accommodate both those new to inversions (students must be at an intermediate level) and the advanced student.

Yoga 3 w/Abbey - Back bending.  Learn the techniques that make back bending safe and attainable. We'll utilize postures and exercises to increase awareness and strength needed to accomplish these challenging posture.

Yinyasa Flow - Original Posture Flows designed by instructor linked by breath and awareness. The class is lead with no instruction. Power Vinyasa Flow is more challenging. Practice at your own risk.

Progressive Ashtanga w/Ron & Lori - We'll work the asanas in the Primary or Secondary Ashtanga Series.  Appropriate for those who are athletes, dancers and or have practiced the Primary Series before, with accommodations for all ability levels. It's a vigorous practice, be ready to sweat. 

Aging Backwards Intensive w/ Lori   “Every day, we have a very clear choice: We can grow older or we can grow younger.” By Miranda Esmond
The Aging Backwards workshop will explore the 3 Pillars of Health which include Movement & Exercise, Nutrition and Stress Management. Throughout the workshop, we will look at how and why we age and participate in gentle body work to increase flexibility, strength and endurance. In addition, various forms of meditation will be introduced to relieve stress and enhance sleep. Last, nutrition for optimal health will be covered with a few treats (healthy of course) provided throughout the week.

Chair Yoga w/Lori:  This class is directed primarily to people who have strength or other physical issues and prefer a slower pace and more support for poses.  There will be no mat or floor work in the sessions.  Practice will be progressive and tailored to the individual needs and capabilities of people in the class.  Sessions will be varied with particular attention given to developing strength, flexibility and balance.

Yoga I w/ Lori C.  A beginner's class: Discover a way to reduce stress, enhance well-being and support a life of balance.   The class will first begin by slowly awakening the body by aligning movement with our breath.   Second, we will tone up and build strength.  Last we will unwind with cooling, restorative poses to prepare for deep relaxation.   Come and explore yoga’s mind/body/breath connection in a supportive class environment.  Everyone is welcome!

Intensive Inversion with Dan-o  Intensive Inversions is a chance to delve into the practice and reap the rewards of living life with our hearts above our heads! Inversions will consider a range of yoga practices from gentle and supported, heart over head relaxing postures to forearm balance, and handstand. Expect new levels of skill and confidence in return for your dedicated daily practice!

Common Sense Self-Defense for ANYONE with Dan-o A practical self defense seminar to develop awareness of potential dangerous situations, and develop simple techniques  to help you escape from hostile physical encounters.  This is a fun class about a serious subject.  All ages are welcome, but awareness of, and ability to discuss subjects like sex, rape, date rape, human trafficking,  and other similar adult subjects is a must!  Bring your young adult children and prepare them for the realities of the world.  Bring a friend and learn techniques you can continue to practice together! This is a "hands on" class with lots of partner work, so be prepared to wrestle a little!