200Hr Yoga Teacher Training

Walnut Lodge Yoga Teacher Training info



For those of you interested in the 200hr YTT course that begins September 2017, this is a basic schedule and some particulars. Parts of the schedule will be determined once the class is assembled in order to accommodate student schedules.

-The Walnut Lodge 200hr Teacher Training course is recognized by Yoga Alliance, an organization that certifies schools and teachers worldwide.  Your 200hr certification will be recognized as a valid teaching certificate wherever you go.

    -You must submit an application. I will select the class and reserve the right to limit acceptance to     those I think ready for this work.  This is the last 200hr training that I, personally, will teach.

    -Ages 18 to 95 welcomed to apply! Mindset is as important as ability. 15 student MAXIMUM.

    -The fee is $3000. and may be paid in installments.  All fees must be paid before your student     teaching in August 2018.

    -If you are on the fence about this, please talk to a Walnut Lodge Teacher. I'm sure they will give     you a fair assessment of the work, the rewards, and my dark sense of humor. 

Opening Weekend:    
September 8, 9 & 10. This is a retreat. The food will be great, the material thought provoking and the company supportive. We will meet Friday @ 6pm and leave Sunday at noon.

     Yoga Classes during the year:
You are required to take 3 classes per week Fall, Winter, Spring and Summer session as well as attending or watching ALL the yoga intensives June 2018. Your YTT tuition covers class fees.

    Sunday Session:
One Sunday a month, from noon until 4pm, we will meet. Which Sundays? We will sit with our calendars and decide.  

    Thursday Night DEEP HANG OUT:
One Thursday a month we will assemble at the Maenerchoir for food, drinks and discussion of assigned topics.

    Summer Weekend:
Another Friday/Saturday/Sunday session held at the Lodge. Date to be determined.  

    Student Teaching:
August 2018, all students will teach a series of classes to the general public.  These will be assessed by myself and other Walnut Lodge teachers and feedback will be provided.

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